Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Host Cities and Itineraries

Hey!! I kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth... but I'm back now! And while I was gone, as my title says, I got my host cities and my itinerary!!

Orientation - Rome (3 days)

Language Training - Cortona, Tuscany (8 days)

(insert 7 hours of traveling here)

Homestay - Cosenza, Calabria (16 days)

Travel - Ravenna & Venice

Departure - Venice

And now, random stuff about my city, Cosenza (as copied from wikipedia -.-)!!!

Mayor: Mario Occhiuto
Total area: 37 sq km (14.3 sq mi)
Elevation: 238 m (781 ft)
Coordinates: 39°28'00"N, 16°25'00"E
Population: 69,603
Demonym: Cosentini
For anybody who's curious, it's near the toe on the boot of Italy.

Well, that's pretty much it for now...
Ciao Ciao!!

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