Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Doctor's Office

Soooo today I had to go to the doctors!! Yaayy!! So, I needed to get a Typhoid shot. I know that typhoid's not really a problem in the US, but I'm going to the Philippines in a month. And it is a problem there. And now my arm hurts. Getting stabbed with needles is not fun... xD

I got stabbed a second time in my left arm. It was my TB test, which I needed for a doctor's form for my trip to Japan. And that one really hurt. A lot. But how that works, they injecting this... jelly thing... into my arm, and now there's a small bump there. If my skin is completely flat by Monday, than I'm fine. If there's still a bump, than that means that I need to pay another visit to the doctor's because I may have/may be susceptible to getting tuberculosis... Not fun. But hopefully, all will turn out ok!

Now, more on my trip to the Philippines for those who were curious. The thing is, my friend is half Indian, half Filipino. And one of her Indian cousins is getting married in the Philippines. Of course she's going to go see the wedding, but she wanted to bring a friend this time. So she asked me! And my mom said yes! And now I'm going to go to an awesome Indian wedding over my February break. :D

On another note, I'm super happy because my dad just bought me a new blackberry. It's awesome because it'll work in the Philippines and in Japan! xD


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  1. I remember doing the TB shot back in March 2010.I was so worried that I would have it or something. But I didn't.