Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anime Night

Soooo.... I'm really bored, so I'm going to update my awesome blog...

And before I continue, this post contains minor spoilers, so I guess don't read it if you don't want to. xD

So this post is about the wonderful Anime Night at the teen center I go to, called Levels. So because the only gifts that I ever get from my parents are anime related, I was in charge of bringing stuff. We saw two movies of awesomeness:
-----------Howl's Moving Castle-----------

I think that this is a pretty good movie for both kids and adults. I remember my friend, Kurry, kept on saying "OMIGOD SO SEXY!!" whenever Howl came on. We wanted my other friend, Emi, to comment on something, too. So whenever the castle came up, she would say, "What a wonderful work of architecture." But I must say, my favorite part is when Howl's hair color is sadly changed. HE LOOKED SO GOOOOOOD AS A BLONDE!! >.<>
--------My Neighbor Totoro---------

Aahh!! This was such a cute movie!! It's more of a little kid movie, though. Me and my friends all looked forward to seeing Totoro defy the laws of physics. And you can't forget about the wonderful Catbus!! The really cool thing is that when Howl was made in '04, this movie was animated in '88! And I must say, Studio Ghibli really outdid themselves with the animation for this movie. The visuals are really good. :D

Ok, I'm done. =) I like making posts look unnecessarily pretty and neat. Soo... uh... I think that's all. Not that there was really that much to talk about in the first place. Just a small warning, I'm gonna guess that half of these pre-exchange posts are going to be on random stuff that don't relate to exchange what so ever...

Now, for anybody that might care, RANDOM STUFF THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON IN MY LIFE!!

-Strangely, my American and Chemistry mid-terms aren't during mid-term week (next week)...
-The next Levels musical has been chosen: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and
-Sadly, I won't be able to be in it because my grandma is turning 90, and her celebration is the weekend of the show..... wow, that makes me seem like a total jerk, but you get what I mean...

Ok, sorry for babbling a little... :D
And now for my ticker:

Sooo looong!!


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