Thursday, February 17, 2011

A email from EIL


Yay! I'm happy!

I got a super duper awesome email today!! It's from EIL! It's a japanese language form to gauge my japanese skills and artistic abilities. My two favorite questions... "What Japanese anime/manga do you like?" (and they only give you two lines!) and "Make a freehand drawing...blah blah..." Any form that asks you to doodle is good by me!

So, I'm gonna try to get this filled out soon. This email just makes this whole experience seem more... real. There are now officially Japanese people making anime workshops and language training stuff. :D

On other news:
Bus tour tomorrow! In short, I miss about 4 hours of school and hop on a bus with the school orchestra to go to one of the elementary/primary schools and we play music for students and teachers!!

On more other news:
I'm leaving for the Philippines in two days. Two days. For 8 days without my parents! Well, I got my nice traditional dress tailored and I have all my paperwork ready. Now I just need to survive the 25 hours of flying!

Weird news, I'm gonna be in Tokyo!!!! But only for two hours. xD We have a two hour stop over at Narita Airport. If people really want pictures, than I guess I'll post some...

Jya ne!!!
(Me being too lazy to swich
to Japanese text...)

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  1. Haha~ That program really does seem AWESOME :P

    Totally making me consider it xD

    Hehe, if it's not to much trouble to ask, I think it'd be cool if you took pictures~

    I wish you the best of luck!