Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonderful Money

Hey everybody who reads this bog! I have news that's kinda exchange related! So, for those of you that didn't read about this in my earlier post, I'm going to the Philippines in..... 14 days! Or a little over 2 weeks! So excited!

Because I'm going out of the country without my parents, I needed to take care of paperwork and stuff.... (xD I have no idea what's going on with my visa. My mom's completely taking care of it) The thing I'm super happy about is that I now have money!!! Lots and lots of money!! My dad got me a Visa card! And it came in today!

The funny thing is that my dad has a thing on his card which only lets me take out a set amount at a time before the bill is payed. He kinda forgot to set an amount in that section, so the standard amount was used.... Which is way more than I could ever use in a month, cause I really don't spend that much.... And it's so much that I really don't want to tell you the amount because I really don't like talking about large amounts of money.

But I'll give you a hint: I have enough access with this card that I can probably buy a really good used car on credit... But if I did that then I might put my dad into a yucky debt. xD

On a side note, the first school semester is OVER!!! And I didn't fail math!! YAY!

And for the people who came up to me and had NO IDEA what じゃね means, it means see you later and is pronounced "jya-ne." So...


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